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In order to assist those of our members who wish to pursue certification, please check out the Members Only section of the website under "Certification" for a complete listing of the current resource materials which are available to assist with their studies. These materials can be obtained by contacting the Education Director directly and arrangements will be made to get them to you as expeditiously as possible. 

If, for any reason, you need the password in order to access the Members Only section or have misplaced the information, please contact any member of the current Executive Committee and we will be happy to provide you with that information.

Happy studying!


National Association for Legal Support Professions offers members and nonmembers the opportunity to sit for three unique certifications dedicated to the legal services profession. The exams are of varying levels and are developed by professionals in the industry.


They include:

  • ALP . . . the basic certification for legal professionals;
  • CLP/PLS . . . the advanced certification for legal professionals; and
  • PP . . . the Professional Paralegal.

Please click HERE to view the forms for the above-referenced certifications.

The ALS and CLP/PLS certifications are dedicated to legal professionals of all types. The PP certification is dedicated to those professionals performing paralegal duties.


Each of these certifications was developed by NALS and takes advantage of the more than 75 years of experience and dedication to the legal services industry only NALS has to offer.


The following members of the Wisconsin Association for Legal Professionals have demonstrated their dedication to the legal profession and have received certifications from National Association for Legal Support Professionals (and other professional associations) as indicated: 

*denotes current member


Mary E. Burns*

Mitali Chatterjee

Mary T. Cuppy

Gail Dallman* 

Phyllis DeGraff

Renae R. Ehle*

Brenda L. Johll*

Beth A. Koerber*

Roberta Matula

Tamara N.T. Michalak*                 

Helen C. Running

Melody Sanders*

Sherie Sasso

Sarah Tischer*

Bernice E. Tresemer*




Kimberly Barskaitiki

Sarah Bolgert

Sara Monnette

Lynn Taylor



Other Certifications:

Katy Mathes-Woldt, CLP*

Melody Sanders, CSM*

Doris Schauff, CPC (Certified Professional Consultant from IGPC)













































Cleijo J. Bates

Eileen R. Bodoh

Mary E. Burns*

Evelyn M. Cain

Margaret Cary

Mitali Chatterjee

Maureen Christensen*

Frances A. Conrad

Mary T. Cuppy

Gail Dallman

Phyllis DeGraff

Karen R. Dempski*

Lisa A. Downs

Julianna K. Durie*

Renae Ehle*

Sarah Ann Errington*

Patricia Finlan

Cindy Frank*

Jacqueline J. Freund

Palma Gabler

Brooksye S. Gersch

Maureen D. Gromacki*

Marie T. Hanus

Elizabeth Hegeman

JoAnn Igielski

Brenda L. Johll*

Esther Kempka

Marjorie Kerrigan

Virginia King

Monica Kling

Beth Koerber*

Nancy Kopp

Barbara LeCaptain*

Eva M. Martinez*

Katy Mathes-Woldt*

Pamela G. Mathis

Dorothy Ann Mattison

Roberta Matula

Carol Mays

Tamara N.T. Michalak*

Marilyn Millett

Donna L. Molus

Rashmi Nair 

Sandra K. Nelson

Emma Neta

Dawne P. Osskopp

Lisa Phillips

Linda D. Radecki

Karen M. Reed

Elizabeth J. Reetz*

Phyllis G. Respondek

Charlotte Robertson

Helen Running

Melody Sanders*

Sherie A. Sasso

Carole A. Schmeda*

Suzanna Schurrer

Darla Stephenson*

Lynn Sternhagen

Constance Skarvan

Perianne Smyth

Renee Suzda

Joan M. Thompson

Sarah Tischer*

Daphne Tillman

Bernice E. Tresemer* 

Michelle Tyms*

Elaine R. Unger

Sheila A. Vergin

Sharon L. Virnig

Shirley F. Waul

Penny H. Werner

Anne M. Wondra

Vel M. Yenor

Lynn L. Zdroik Larsen

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